Coastal Pre-Release Center Inmate Search and Prison Information

Coastal Pre-Release Center

843-740-1630, 843-740-1631

3765 Leeds Avenue, Charleston, SC, 29405

Situated in Charleston, South Carolina is home to the Coastal Pre-Release Center.

The Coastal Pre-Release Center is classified as a medium and minimum-security state facility. The Coastal Pre-Release Center is designed to hold over 187 inmates.

The Coastal Pre-Release Center only houses adult male inmates.

You should note that the Coastal Pre-Release Center is composed of a few different multi-story buildings. The Coastal Pre-Release Center is nestled on 52 acres of land. The Coastal Pre-Release Center has six-story tower. This six-story tower is where the inmates are housed.

You should note that the inmates are housed in multiple people cell blocks. However, those inmates who are dangerous or at a security risk will be housed in one of the 48 single cells located in the administrative segregation unit.

The Coastal Pre-Release Center comes equipped with a medical facility. The medical facility will treat inmate’s health issues. The medical facility also has an on-site dental clinic as well.

The Coastal Pre-Release Center has a top-notch program known as the New Direction. This program is a 28-day intensive treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.

Coastal Pre-Release Center — General Information

Facility Name Coastal Pre-Release Center
Facility Type State Prison
Capacity 187
Address 3765 Leeds Avenue, Charleston, SC, 29405
Phone 843-740-1630, 843-740-1631
City Charleston
Postal Code 29405
State South Carolina
County Richland County
Official Website

Sending a Mail/Care Package

You will be permitted to communicate with an inmate in the Coastal Pre-Release Center through letters.

Inmates can send you letters. You can send inmates letters.

You can also send inmates books, photographs, newspapers, and even magazines as well. All books will need to be new and paperback. These items will be required to be sent to the facility from the publisher or bookstore.

Keep in mind that everything that you send to the Coastal Pre-Release Center will also be opened and examined prior to the correctional staff giving it to the inmate it is addressed to. The Coastal Pre-Release Center does this to ensure nothing is coming in the facility that should not be.

Sending Money

The Coastal Pre-Release Center uses JPay.

What is JPay you may ask?

JPay is a website and/or software where it allows the family and friends to easily deposit money into the account within a few minutes.

You should note that the JPay also will incur a fee when you use their service. You will also be able to deposit money by calling JPay as well.

Phone calls

Phone calls are the best time of the day for inmates. Phone calls at the Coastal Pre-Release Center are going to be capped at 15-minutes.

The Coastal Pre-Release Center wants to ensure that every offender has every chance to use the phone.

All outgoing calls from the Coastal Pre-Release Center will be recorded and monitored for safety.

Visiting Hours

Saturday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


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