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Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association

Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association: Everything You Need to KnowIf one thing in the legal profession is vital, it would have to be diversity. Diversity is a good place to start, especially in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Unfortunately, in Boston, Massachusetts is not an easy place for minority lawyers to gain any traction within the cities prestigious firms such as Prince Lobel and Anderson & Kreiger LLP. The statistics prove it. In 2017, the statistics reported that there was less than a single percent of partners in any of Boston’s prestigious law firms that were black. However, these numbers were only up a bit from the statistics in 1997, but the Boston, Massachusetts numbers are still well below the national average. 

These statistics are very saddening. However, from hearing from young and even old African American lawyers in the good city of Boston, Massachusetts it is encouraging that the legal profession may end up remaking itself soon, even in Boston, Massachusetts. 

What is Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association?

Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association has been around since 1973. The Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association is a great network for black lawyers that are currently practicing law in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association is a great presence for attorneys who are looking to connect with other colored attorneys within the state of Massachusetts. 

The main thing about the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association is they provide a membership that includes mentorship programs, professional development, along with some career advancement through pieces of training as well. Everything any African American lawyers can and will benefit from that they may not receive anywhere else. 

The Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association also frequently will sponsor forums and various events that are on the latest topics of interest going on in the legal community. The Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association also actively seeks out collaborations with many of the other bar associations or the professional organizations that provide services and resources to the communities for African Americans. 

These organizations typically will include the following: 

Can MBLA Help You Get a Lawyer?

The Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association cannot help you get a lawyer. As of late, the Massachusetts Black Lawyers Association does not have a lawyer attorney referral program. If you need a lawyer, you will need to get in contact with either the Massachusetts Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service or the Boston Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service

Where Can I Get Legal Representation?

CPCS Massachusetts also known as the Committee for Public Counsel Services, The Public Defender Agency of Massachusetts is the agency you will want to go to for legal representation in the state of Massachusetts. 

The Committee for Public Counsel Services in Massachusetts is responsible for ensuring you have legal representation if you cannot afford an attorney. This is where the law in Massachusetts will step in and appoint your legal counsel. This will also include legal counsel for delinquency, criminal, child welfare, youthful offender, sexually dangerous person, mental health, and sex offender registry cases, alongside other post-conviction matters and appeals. 

The legal counsel will be provided by one of the 3,000 private attorneys and 500 staff attorneys. These attorneys are highly trained and certified to help you out with your case. These attorneys will also be open to set up your appointment to discuss your case. 

These attorneys have support from and under the supervision of the Private Counsel and Public Defender Divisions (for criminal court cases), the Children and Family Law Division ( for the welfare of children court cases), the Youth Advocacy Division (for youthful offenders, delinquency, and GCL revocation court cases), along with the Mental Health Litigation Division) for mental health, substance abuse, and guardianships court cases). 

However, the Committee for Public Counsel Services, The Public Defender Agency of Massachusetts has an Immigration Impact Unit that will provide more attorneys that are trained in a variety of divisions along with the litigation support, to help out in the individual cases that can help with these immigration cases for noncitizen clients.

Current Leadership

Angela Gomes – President
Stephen Hall – President-Elect
Scott A. Mays – Executive Vice-President
Sheriece M. Perry – Secretary
Courtney B. Scrubbs – Treasurer
Doreen M. Rachal – Immediate Past-President
Tavares Brewington – Director
Stesha A. Emmanuel – Director
Eron Hackshaw – Director
Jermaine Kidd – Director
Vanessa O’Connor – Director
Danielle Pelot – Director
Trevor Rozier-Byrd – Director
Mychii Snape – Director
William J. Trach – Director

Past Presidents

Doreen M. Rachal – April 2014 – April 2015
E. Abim Thomas – November 2013 – April 2014
Serge Georges, Jr. – April 2013 – November 2013
Rachael Rollins – 2012-2013
Dominic Blue – 2011-2012
Damian W. Wilmot – 2010-2011
Douglas Martin – 2009-2010
Damon Hart – 2008-2009
Nikki Bogle – 2007-2008
Angela McConney – 2006-2007
William “Mo” Cowan – 2002-2006
Tonomey A. Coleman – 2001-2002
Peter DeCambre – 2000-2001
Gina Walcott – 1999-2000
Steven Wright – 1998-1999
Marie St. Fleur – 1997-1998
Ozel Hudson – 1996-1997
Eddie Jenkins, Jr. – 1995-1996
Charles Walker, Jr. – 1993-1995
Kirk Jackson – 1991-1993
James Dilday – 1988-1989
Tommy Brewer – 1987-1988
Robert Preston Gittens – 1984-1985
Walter B. Prince – 1982-1984
Hon. Barbara Dortch-Okara – 1981-1982
Richard A. Soden – 1980-1981
Robert Alexander – 1976-1977
Fletcher Wiley – 1975-1976
Wayne A. Budd – 1974-1975
Clarence Dilday – 1973-1974

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